Cannabis Products for the Bourgeoisie with KushKush

There’s been a flurry of activity since most of the world legalised the cannabis industry. People have been now able to smoke in public freely, carry their prescribed amount of cannabis without fear of injustice and trade openly knowing the law is, for a change, on their side. So much has happened, that even the high-end of us have come to the party. Locally, we have to manage our designer marijuana expectations.

As an opportunity to fulfil a gap in premium cannabis shopping experiences, KushKush is a carefully curated e-commerce and content platform aimed at a unisex market; from the merely canna-curious to the experienced toker. KushKush offers a range of products for consumption (pipes, infusers, vaporisers), accessories for storage and maintenance, and the ultimate in CBD beauty and wellness products.

Keeping with global trends, KushKush stands for ethical retailing and that’s reflected in products that are sustainably produced, have a high artisanal value and that ingredients are certified according to local cannabis laws.

Go digitally (window-)shopping with KushKush via website You can also follow the brand on social media using the handle @kushkushonline for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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