Travel: Lamu Island, Kenya

Nestled in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, lay a quaint little island that was very unknown for the longest time. Founded in the 12th Century, Lamu Island is one of the best preserved remaining settlements of Swahili traditions in East Africa. Beautiful, quiet, with no roads, pavements and cars, the island is an ideal getaway destination for any traveller looking to escape.

Expect oriental mix of Indian culture, Chinese nuances and Arab architecture. This is the influence of many travelling sailors and traders in its early years making a pit stop on Lamu Island while travelling to and through East Africa. In honour of the word, safari – which in Swahili means journey, make you way to near-by escapes, including Manda Bay, the ruins of Takwa and Kiwayu.

With its epicentre, Shela Village, bustling with lifestyle establishments, Lamu is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that seem to stretch on for miles. It’s spectacle of land and sea attractions is possibly only rivalled by its eclectic mixture of architecture and design, and its people.

Our accommodation recommendation on Lamu Island, is Peponi Hotel. Pretty much a heritage establishment, the hotel boasts an opportunity to feel at home in the luxury of a dreamland.

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