Travel: Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

If you’re looking for a destination to visit once the universe allows, look no further than the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve in the secluded and scenic Swartruggens wilderness area in the Southern Cederberg Mountains region. The nature reserve itself might be awarded 4-stars, however, I can assure you there’ll be a million other stars to experience in Cultural Heritage rich and fascinating destination.

The Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve presents some of the most unique accommodation options in South Africa. Probably the most expected highlight is the range of ‘Cave’ Suites. These suites have been beautifully integrated with the natural sandstone rock formations, ensuring you get a modern luxury living experience of rocking it out like the Flintstones. For non-rock climbers, there are the Hut Suites, especially ideal couples travelling with children. For the adventurous at heart, the are the Open-Air Suites – the most gorgeous way to, literally, sleep under the stars.

The Nature Reserve boasts a variety of standard amenities as with any hospitality destination, including swimming pools, a restaurant and bar and a Spa. Kagga Kamma also has a list of activities and excursions for you to explore the vast landscape, including morning and late night nature drives, sundowner and Rock Art trips, as well as the galactic Stargazing tour.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to connect through disconnection, Kagga Kamma and its staff are ready to ensure you dial down the world and dial up the awe of nature.

For more information contact 021 872 4343, email or visit the website The Nature Reserve is on social media via @KaggaKamma on Facebook and @kagga_kamma on Instagram


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