Talent: Fashion Photographer – David Nyanzi

I’ve attended enough fashion weeks (and other fashion events) to know the drill when it comes to photographs. You get fashionistas dressed to the nines, myself included, who eat the lens, myself excluded, and those who dread it, myself included. You also, on the other side of the coin, get the photographers who are there for the pretence and those who are there to do their job. Fashion & Street Style Photographer, David Nyanzi is one of those – on the fashion corners selling polaroids because it’s both a passion and a job.

The industry is undoubtedly flooded with many photographers, some working for themselves-their IG feeds and Twitter streams-while others are there to document the time through a lens with garments as the narrative. The trick is carving a niche, an aesthetic, an offering for yourself that many other photographers can’t possibly replicate or perfect.

David Nyanzi captures personality as foretold through fashion. His eye speaks to his taste in fashion and being a Graduate of the University of YouTube Tutorials, his work is remarkably on par with many “formally qualified” photographers and surpasses many others. Part of the secret must be his ideal in not taking himself or fashion too seriously, but considering the task of journaling street fashion during fashion week as an opportunity to network and connect with he world.

Whatever the case may be, we’re here for it. And so should you. Follow David Nyanzi on Instagram via @davidnyanzi.


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