Talent: Creative Director, Jahleel Weaver

Jahleel Weaver is probably a really good modern personification of Midas – a king of Phrygia who was given by Dionysus the power of turning everything he touched into gold. Why? Simple: As Deputy Creative Director of FENTY, everything he gets his hands on seems to glitter. Even Rihanna herself.

Stepping into that role in 2014, after Ri personally enlisted him as Junior Creative Director after she set up the umbrella company FENTY Corp, was not the beginning of this young master’s story. He has been in the industry. At around age 18, @illjahjah juggled studying fashion design at LIM College in New York while working the floor at the high-end retailer in the city’s meatpacking district, Jeffrey.

His track list includes many celebrity styling gigs and a commendable run as Assistant Stylist to Mr. Mel Ottenberg, who has personally styled Rihanna on many occasions, including the fabulous Met Gala moment in a dazzling jewel-embroidered, papal-inspired Margiela ensemble. His most recent contribution can be seen in the FENTY Eyewear 2020 Campaign.

In my imagination, I see this working relationship like a remix of the pop hit “Wild Thoughts”, only in my fashion version DJ Khaled is replaced by Bernard Arnault of LVMH and Bryson Tiller exchanged for Jahleel. It makes so much sense, considering just how magnetic the trio is and the powerful popular culture duo Riri and Illjahjah make in fashion.

I’m definitely keeping a close eye on this partnership and on Weaver’s career in general. There’s certainly more dynamite, sexual power and sensual confidence to come from this Fashion Creative.


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