Black Owned Everything by Zerina Akers

Black Consciousness has been a recurring theme or ideology, evoking buzzwords such as being ‘woke’. Over time, its meaning has kept its momentum but organically traversed into modernity, finding individual meaning for specific groups of people or generations, all the while while maintaining its core ethos of being aware of the state of being black in the world and the power that that holds.

Zerina Akers, a veteran Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant, is an example of how that kind of consciousness has found contemporary placement in modern day society, where political strategies and narratives are told and propagated through fashion, through the clothes we wear.

Zerina Akers photographed by @thankschris

Quickly: If you’re wondering on what on earth am I talking about, consider how women’s clothes don’t have pockets, generally, and men’s clothes do. Consider society’s acceptance of women carrying bags and not men. These are constructs in fashion used to capture control and drive specific agendas for particular groups of people.

Back to Akers… Zerina, from as early on as high school, has had a affinity towards fashion, and now, years later, a groundbreaker with a trackless of clients and projects to rival the best in the game, she’s set herself apart again by tapping into her consideration of black consciousness with the creation of “Black Owned Everything”, a platform for people of colour to register their businesses for anything interested to find and buy from them.

Albeit, the platform shot into the spotlight during a painfully distressing time in America, it exists and it’s certainly one of the best things to happen to the internet since, well, the internet. Black Owned Everything has E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G from cosmetics, home decor, to fashion. All on one platform for you to peruse and procure.

If anything, Zerina’s ambitions are reflected in this new project, are celebrated by its suppliers and are likely to excel their own expectations thanks to the support of consumers worldwide.

Check out Zerina Akers on Instagram via @zerinaakers and Black Owned Everything via @black.owned.everything.

If you’re a black-owned business and interested in registering and being added to the list, visit


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