Grooming: Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense is a fragrance for the adventurer, A man who travels through his day discovering his life, love and excitable side. Suggestive of travelling through a spice route, en route to a coastline destination, Gentlemen Only Intense holds its bar through its rich and yet delicate Texas cedar, leather and patchouli heart base notes.

Life is sprung into you through its burst of pepper-mint-like top notes of a subtle popular green mandarin, birch leaf and black pepper. These notes also assist in opening the nasal cavities, allowing the sensual, sexiness of the fragrance to drift into the gray matter of the mind releasing other chemical potions to further excite the senses.

The fragrance retains it subtle mannerisms from its base notes: incense, amber, and Tonka bean. It’s like taking a walk during the dusk of day and all you see are gradients of blue into indigo with hints of purple and light earthy smells infused with musk.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense might be a serious bold smell but it also carries a lot of lasting weight. Taking you through a full day without losing presence in a gust of ever cheapening fragrances. Its alluring traits incite the sensuality in its wearer and the victim who picks up the scent and its sexiness allows for a flirtatious tango to be explored through the day. 


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