Grooming: Building Blocks for your Face

The stock standard take on skincare and grooming for some men is to buy an entire set from the same brand; granted it’s not a bad move, however, what happens when it just doesn’t seem to be working? Is this then a matter of the products themselves are problematic or just the combination?

Sometimes, building blocks to great skincare foundation require different products from different brands to do the trick. Here I provide three options for select items that individually do great and collectively do amazing work with your face.

Garnier PureActive 3in1 Charcoal Face Wash

Wash, scrub, mask. Purify, unclog pores, mattify. Garnier’s PureActive 3in1 Charcoal Face Wash is a diamond product with many men (and women). From challenge skin to perfectly normal skin that just wants the right kind of love, Garnier’s PureActive 3in1 Charcoal face wash does the trick. Essentially designed for oily spot-prone skin, the product works to give your skin a deep clean, leaving your face with a protected matt finish. Used wisely, suggested – twice a day as a wash, three times a week as a scrub and once a week as a mask – you’re certainly going to see a glowing, happy face.

Nivea MEN Active Energy Fresh Look Face Gel

I’ve used plenty of Nivea MEN products and I can definitely swear by them. Their Active Energy Fresh Look Face Gel was a super surprise for me, though. Slaps on cool, absorbs easily, non-greasy and maintains a plump, moisturised and protected face the full day – I was thoroughly impressed. When I use it in summer, I sometimes put it in the freezer before my shower, so when I apply it, it leaves an extra cool finish on my face. It’s definitely a product I recommend if you’re looking for something that goes the extra mile without completely breaking the bank.

Nu Skin ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra

There’s not a lot of serums in the market that I swear by, but Nu Skin’s ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra is King! Discovered at a skincare media briefing at the Twelve Apostles in Cape Town, I’ve come to accept that its price tag is completely, utterly worth it. Used as a product to regenerate skin cells, provide extra protection and reduce the ageing pace of your face – it’s certainly a product to have for a man who’s constantly looking for simple solutions with long-term results. Pro Tip: If you need a product to switch up from work to an office function that will reboot your face in minutes, Nu Skin’s ageLOC is the one. I use it to reset my face when I have an event immediately after office hours.

I’ll certainly be bringing you more ‘sets’ of products to test out that provide the same amount of grooming value as standard branded sets as an alternative to your usual products. Just remember, products will sometimes say they are for every skin type or normal to dry, we have individual skin compositions, so be weary about what you use on your face. If you experience any irritations, rashes or colour changes in your skin when using a new product – stop using it and consultant your doctor, your reaction means there’s something in the product your skin doesn’t approve of.

Let me know what products you use and what grooming rituals you explore.

Happy Grooming!


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