Oysters & Champagne Dreams

Here’s to thinking of days in the lazy Saturday sun at a cute little spot in town, slurping down deliciously fresh oysters and toasting life to the clink of champagne flutes. Nothing beats appreciating life with simple dining choices and indulging in an effort to give these opulent moments just acknowledgement.

Image courtesy of Bonnievale

My FAVE is oysters with a red onion garnish or something citrus – Seabreeze Fish & Shell is my go-to for oysters (& sunsets). As for the bubbles, if we’re keeping it local, L’Ormarins Blanc de Blancs 2013 is the girl she claims to be; internationally, dreams come true #TheInstantWhen we choose Champagne Taittinger!  

What’s your favourite oyster venue & champagne brand combo? Tag us in the comments with the hashtag #SaturdayFeast.


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