Keeping Up With Chef Luyanda Mafanya

With the advent of the internet and then certainly with social media, platforms such as Instagram have seen a considerable amount of new age professionals peak. No longer do people who excel in something need a specific company to work for, but rather a platform to showcase their talents and a following to consume said talents.

Chefs are just one category of professionals that have been on the rise and rise on Instagram and one of my favourite discoveries has been Chef Luyanda Mafanya of @cookingwithluyanda fame.

Her easy-going personality is only sous to her influencer persona, which can be viewed on her personal Instagram account. Her warm demeanour is inviting and keeps you engaged. As she takes you through recipes for meals from anything 5-star restaurant ready to simple nostalgia home meals.

Chef Luyanda blends that which would otherwise seem to advanced to prep and make with such lighthearted treatment that her recipes have become accessible because of it.

If you’re looking for a swirl of independent and brand collaboration content, Cooking With Luyanda is a great place to start. It’s also a great help that her recipes are saved as highlights on her profile for ease of reference when you want something new to make at home. 


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