Trend: Nothing Hairy About Finding Your Perfect hairstyle

Remember that one time, at fashion camp, when Marc Jacobs sent out white models onto the ramp with faux dreadlocks and the world was in uproar? Or that time, when that gal, Solange, dropped a song called ‘Don’t Touch My hair’… All this fuss over something that grows out of the skin on your skull; clearly something both culturally and personally bonding and as the waves of hair styles come and go, the roots of respect keep the same shore.

Truth be told, hair has a lot more personal meaning than most of us discuss on a random daily with each other-as friends or colleagues. For some, it stems from the roots of one’s culture and race, their religious beliefs and even how they identify as self against the world. It’s part of our identity and it’s BIG business. It’s no wonder fashion and music have taken it upon themselves to ride the wave-sometimes to its own demise and sometimes to its benefit.

Many trend agencies forecast macro and micro influences in many industries including fashion and music and of course, hairstyles are part of the transcripts in terms of what to expect, if not from the person on the ground, definitely from the catwalk shows. And generally, in this day and age, what happens on the catwalk transpires on the streets and sometimes before that, it makes a pit stop in a music video.

Over the last couple of seasons we’ve enjoyed a handful of styles that seem to have prolonged their style and cemented themselves as part of the go-to hairstyles for gents across the globe. A$AP Rocky landed on the scene and flourished in slick, braided threads and the world followed. They’re an easy way to maintain a natural afro without having to do much to them to keep clean and nurtured. Fetty Wap come through with short dreads which were blonde for the most part and guys in urban areas, late Millennials and Gen Y’s (if that’s what they’re called), adopted the style showcasing a myriad of colour dyes. Then there was the clean-cut, boy-next-door Drake skin-fade paired with a smooth-operator beard. It seemed to give the bad boys who have office jobs an opportunity to stunt without fearing for their salaries.

Essentially, hair morphs from one style to another and the objective of the game is to figure out who you are and what will work for you. Sometimes it’s okay to try out a variety of styles until you get to what you prefer most, but usually, it’s best to just hit the streets running with a look best suited to your level of street cred.


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