Street Style at Lagos Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020

The street style at this year’s Lagos Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 has seemingly reinvigorated my desire to get back into fashion and to dive deeper than before; head first, and immerse my entire existence within. I found some images captured by Vogue photographer Stephen Tayo at the Lagos Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 showcase, first launched by lawyer-turned-artistic-director, Omoyemi Akerele in 2011. I didn’t select everything, just the menswear looks I fell in love with.

Usually one is able to decipher what trends locals were channeling for fashion week, however, Nigeria went ahead and proved, once more, that there is no need to follow a trend when you can either create your own or just bask in the power and beauty of individual tastes. Not a single soul looked like another and that’s something special that can come out of any fashion week. Click here for the original post to see the womenswear looks.


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