Style: Hibernate

Second week of #21DaysLockdownSA was blissfully spent adopting a new cycle centred around efficient sleeping. It was also quite an adjustment as I flipped the routine around: Sleep the day away + wake in the evening + work at night till sunrise. The shift reinforced the idea of social distancing and staying indoors during this lockdown as I was asleep while everyone was awake and awake while you were all asleep.

Routine is important, it realigns your sense of normality and if structured with appropriate tasks, can be an uplifting experience during this downtime of positive external reinforcements. Honestly engaging with self also gives you the opportunity to further build on self-confidence, self-awareness and self-love. 

How are you making the most of the #lockdown?

Photography: SA Fashion Photographer
Lens: Huawei P10 – Leica Dual Camera
MUA: Luseti Beauty Artistry
Garments: Stiaan Louw


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