PS: Paradigm Shift

Today marks an important moment in our #lockdown lives – when we get to choose the red pill or the blue pill – as we enter the 2 weeks of extension, we need a paradigm shift to occur to ensure we garner enough self-resilience to make it to the end. Take time to do what you need to, to find yourself and to give yourself some love for making it through an initial 3 weeks.

Get the essential goods & services you require, top up your energy levels and dig your help in deep. This is your reality and you are in control of how it plays out. Reach in to yourself or reach out to your support structures. Whatever it is, feel free to go through the emotions.

Photography – SA Fashion Photographer
Lens – Huawei P10 Leica Dual Camera
MUA – Luseti Beauty
Garments – Levi Strauss


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