Fashion: Pyer Moss – Narrated Threads

Pyer Moss seems to be one of those modern brands dancing to their own personalised playlist; not blasting today’s number 1 pop hits or swaying to bastardised classic anthems remixed to generation zero’s taste. This unbeaten take on fashion, is probably one of the reasons why Pyer Moss stands out, deservedly, as black rose among thorny old guard fashion houses.

Founded in 2013 by Kerby Jean-Raymond, the label is described as a ‘timely social experiment’ by its Founder and Creative Director. The label, named after his Mother’s maiden name, Moss, and Pierre, a name she adopted in order to secure a green card, is a form of platform for social narrative and dialogue for the designer.

Collection 3 Photographed by Michelle Sank – Styled by Jason Rider – Story by MH Miller for T Magazine

Each collection, produced in New York, Italy and Portugal, when ready to be showcased is presented as a spectacle combining activism, debate, theatre, social commentary and storytelling; which explains why with each instalment the conversation around Pyer Moss and Kerby Jean-Raymond, gets bigger and deeper, richer and much more tactile.

If anything, Pyer Moss is a label that presents an opportunity for those [people of colour] who don’t know their identity or see it anywhere, to find representation in his label and the clothes and to start building their own screenplay. We’re in times of change, knowing who you are is vital, and there is probably no other black designer-owned brand right now in America telling a better opportunity to becoming black than Pyer Moss.

You can visit for more and to shop the collections. Follow @pyermoss on Instagram for regular updates and collection drops.


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