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Mass social media has distorted quite a bit of our macro reality. Whether we’re now convinced that food is only delicious if it’s worth taking a photo of or believing it only happened if you saw it on Instagram, social media and its influence has had a phenomenal affect on the world. Evidently, there was a significant surge of social media personalities who became what we now know as ‘Influencers’. A group of people who can seemingly convince others to do and buy and say whatever they require with a simple upload of a picture or tweet.

So it was an incredibly refreshing experience when I recently attended an intimate dinner experience, thanks to Glenfiddich and The Challengers Cub, with a group of nano and micro-influencers. I only describe the guests in that manner to give you an idea of their follower count on their social media platforms, however, I can assure you, these people do magnificent things and have volumes of genuine influence that effects change in and around their lives.

The dinner was set around a couple of things: 1) A three-course meal paired with Glenfiddich whisky drinks, and 2) the topic of ‘Curiosity’. Early introductions gave a perspective of backgrounds from which guests came from. From sitting at the table with two distinguished doctors, successful self-made entrepreneurs, captains of women in business and empowerment, a published and acclaimed chef and even a young black man whose purpose for swimming the Atlantic between Robben Island and Table View stems from a greater cause than his own being.

The conversation was on beat and flowing thanks to the MC qualities of Metro FM DJ and local personality, Mo Flava. It also didn’t hurt that the venue for this intimate experience as at the V&A Waterfront. Glenfiddich ensured every delicious bite of the specially prepared menu was accompanied by a smooth sip of a tantalising Glenfiddich cocktail, of which we had preselected for each course of the dinner and arrived just as engaging as the food and conversation.

The discussion itself around curiosity was inspiring. Getting to understand people’s perception of what is means to be curious, how it has influenced where they are in live and what pushes them to stay curious about themselves, their work and the world around them really put an aspiration spin on setting goals and achieving them. Some moments, as simple as just being curious enough to know how things work, driving people to pursue careers in industries they never imagined themselves in before, to moments where curiosity was a kick-in-the-butt because the norm had become mundane and change was inevitable.

If you didn’t manage to experience The Challengers Club by Glenfiddich in your city, I yearn for the series to be back in 2020 and you get the chance. Apart from a wonderful surprise at the end of the experience, the guests closing comments regarding future endeavours leaves you wishing you did more with life because we all share the same 24 hours in a day, but the question is, how are we challenging ourselves to make the most of them!

To watch the experience, click here. To listen to the podcast, click here.

Until the next challenge, cheers to Glenfiddich. Here, here. 


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