Let Us Drink Champagne!

December 2019 popped, literally, like a champagne bottle cork and I now spend the last days of summer wishing I was back on the greens in Franschhoek for the Franschhoek Methode Cap Classique and Champagne Festival presented by Sanlam Private Wealth. 

My first attendance on the Saturday of the festival instead of my traditional Sunday appearance, it was also the festival’s first change of dress code. The organisers shifted the vision for the festival from elegant black and white to regal blue and white. At first, I shuddered at the thought of betraying my first-love, the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate, which has consistently since its inception owned the dress code of blue and white by adhering to the dress code, however, after remembering the colours of the title sponsor, I realised it was probably a long time coming that the theme matched the sponsor’s branding.

A beautiful day in the wine lands, surrounded by cascading mountain valleys, is never complete without a selection of delightful companions, in my case, a handful of melodramatically fun friends. We started our excursion with a standard tour of the estates present at the festival, sampling some old time favourites and quite a few new surprises. What I enjoyed more of the Saturday experience versus the Sunday Brunch ambience was the sheer number of familiar faces at the festival-a clear sign that Saturday is definitely the preferred day by visitors over the Sunday.

After a brisk walk-through the festival, we happily selected a spot to plant our feet and proceeded to stock up on oysters and bubbles. We went for our faves from the day which included Steenberg, Graham Beck, Veuve Clicquot, Pierre Jourdan and L’Ormarins; not forgetting the veterans, Taittinger and Bollinger. The rest of the afternoon was filled with laughter, sweet bubbles and delicious food. We couldn’t have lived a better life even if we had paid or it.

Until the next Magic of Bubbles Festival, Cheers!

PS. If you’re keen on trying something new in the bubbles category, try Genevieve!


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