Hell Yeah wine on a Tuesday

A new discovery was made recently and it was Hell Yeah wines. On a random night at Rootstock Republic, we found a cute little Pinotage. Dressed in barely anything, it was quiet, quaint and quirky. Little did we know that this special Pinotage from 2018 packed a deep ruby grape colour, a fruity body with a woody finish. It was happiness in a bottle that landed up being happiness in my tummy.

If you’re ever in Cape Town, visit Rootstock for a variety of local and international wines that will have you demanding more. The range is wide and offers an opportunity to taste some special secrets only found in a few locations in the country. After all this #lockdown mania and pandemic chaos, find a friend you missed most, and pop open a bottle of delicious wine together.

What are you sipping on this #Chooseday? Comment and tag us using the hashtag #TuesdayFeast.


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