Drink: There’s Hope in Vodka

Co-Creators of Hope Distillery, Lucy Beard & Leigh Lisk, have done it again. Adding to their commendable offering of London Dry and African Botanical gins, now comes a beaut – Hope Small Batch Vodka! Yes, that’s right folks, vodka. This new addition is smooth and subtle, grape-based and has a whole lot of personality.

For the new Hope Small Batch Vodka, the team decided to concentrate on a grape-based spirit, partially inspired by the cascading Cape Town winelands. In making this vodka, the team only had the distillation process and water to play with to ensure the key element, smoothness, was achieved. This Hope Small Batch Vodka is so smooth, the founders recommend serving it on the rocks with a lemon twist.

What are you sipping on to usher in the weekend? If you upload a pic, tag us and use the hashtag #FridayFeast.


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