Design: African Ceramists, Zizipo Poswa

Zizipo Poswa and her ceramic work are a constant reminder that if I’d known I could become a Ceramists by profession when I was in High School doing Ceramics as a subject – I might have taken those classes of three years a lot more seriously. But then again, we all walk different paths.

Much like Poswa, herself, a qualified Textile Designer who is now a professional Ceramists designing collectible and functional art, her current path in life is a beautifully layered and tactile story. Inspired by her Xhosa roots, her empowered Mother, tribal narratives and her beautiful immediate surrounds, Zizipo manages to deliver works that are colourful, patterned, textured and with meaning.

Poswa is half of Imiso Ceramics, a clay-based design studio in Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town’s Woodstock area. The other half? Fellow designer, Andile Dyalvane. Follow @zizipo_poswa, @andiledyalvane, @imisoceramics and @southernguildgallery on Instagram for more.

Also visit for buy her gorgeous works.


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