All Office Brings the Future to Working From Home with Herman Miller Chairs

It was back to school, then back to work, back to site, blah blah blah… What about the portion of us in the economy who actually go ‘back to home’ at the beginning of the year? From the Herman Miller global design and furniture manufacturing stable come two amazing work chairs crafted to ensure deadlines are a pleasure because there won’t be any back-pain from the pressure.

Herman Miller presents the new Lino Chair designed by Hecht and Colin’s Industrial Facility and the Cosm by Studio 7.5. Both chair designs come with internationally recognised technical capabilities, efficient design practices and a slew of international nominations and awards. Above all else, which is probably the most important point for you and your wellbeing, both chairs are designed with the highest standards in ergonomics in mind and in place.

For The Woke

The Lino Chair is by far one of the most ‘woke’ work chairs I’ve come across. It takes its cues from Herman Miller’s 50+ years of industry-leading research and design to provide you balance movement and dynamic fit. Add to that its contoured seating and high-performance breathable suspension, added comfort in the lumbar and sacral regions is provided for with the adjustable back support. If you thought personalised customisation was the best thing since sliced bread, think again. This Herman Miller Lino chair is backed by a 12-year, 3-shift warranty; giving you the most of its innovative design made of approximately 26% recycled materials, making it up to 97% recyclable.

The Lino Chair

For The Tech-Savvy

Taking a decade of form-making, engineering and testing to achieve the support, comfort and aesthetics the revolutionary Cosm chair offers today, it’s no wonder TIME named it one of the 100 Best Inventions of 2019. Designed by Studio 7.5 for Herman Miller and available exclusively at All Office in South Africa, this chair is the future in modern times for the Home Executive; in fact, it’s the kind of chair that’ll encourage you to say ‘beam my down, Scotty’, before you sit. With all its restraint and simplicity, its technological advancements include Intercept, the continuous suspension material that support’s the user’s contours and the Auto-Harmonic mechanism found in the gearbox below the seat – a ‘smart’ technology allowing the seat to automatically adapt to the user’s body, movement and posture.

The Cosm Chair

So if you’re looking to complement your current set of home-office tools to ensure a successful 2020, visit for more information and to see what your version of working at home could look like.


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