William Kentridge Why Should I Hesitate

Why Should I Hesitate: Sculpture – William Kentridge’s First Sculptural Work Exhibition at Norval Foundation

In recent months, the Norval Foundation has visibly been doing the most for African Art and African Talent. From free First Thursday experiences to now Africa’s biggest, and most likely, first-ever sculptural exhibition by the legendary artist from South Africa, William Kentridge. Title: “Why Should I Hesitate.”

The magnitude of this moment, apart from consisting of the volume of the works being exhibited, probably lies in the decision to host two concurring exhibitions simultaneously in two different venues. The Zeist MOCAA at the V&A Waterfront Silo District hosts ‘Why Should I Hesitate: Putting Drawings To Work’-consisting of everything Kentridge outside of sculpture, and the Norval Foundation plays home to ‘Why Should I Hesitate: Sculpture’-which is everything sculpture.

Covering several bodies of work and testifying to his longstanding and spontaneous improvisation when handling three-dimensional form, Why Should I Hesitate: Sculpture sees the origins of these works in props from his operas and images from his animations stepping off the stage and out of the screen, confronting us directly at ground level. Why Should I Hesitate: Sculpture will also premiere new works commissioned for the occasion of this special exhibition.

The exhibition is currently at The Norval Foundation, Atrium and Galleries 2-8, 4 Steenberg Road, Tokai, until 23 March 2020. The exhibition is curated by Karel Nel, Owen Martin, Talia Naicker and Vicky Lekone.


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