ARTinFACT – Toyin Ojih Odutola

I came across a series of portraits from Artist Toyin Ojih Odutola a good number of years ago on Tumblr. I proceeded to follow and I have subsequently never been disappointed. On the surface, I was drawn in by the characters being ‘black’, making identification and relation easy. The more work I saw, the more I was intrigued by the treatment of the characters and their skin, somewhat almost speaking of and to their anatomy. Needless to say, the work speaks for itself and in volumes.

First Night at Boarding School, 2017

As the world comes into a standstill of sorts, I can’t help but find a special corner in my heart of this pictured work, “First Night at Boarding School, 2017”. As many out there suffer #depression and #anxiety, curling up into a foetal position until the apocalypse is over seems like the mandatory thing to do. However, as negative as it may seem, sleep is a healer, and enough of it in good doses could change the mental state we’re all in. So take the picturesque breaks you may need, whether in real or dream land. Pause, breathe deeply, be at ease. 

Which artist(s) are currently getting your spirits and inspirations up during this #lockdown? Tag us using the hashtags #ARTinFACT & #MondayFeast.


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