ARTinFACT: Derrick Ofosu Boateng

I recently came across Ghanaian photographer, Derrick Ofosu Boateng, while waiting for a WeTransfer to complete sending. There was a bright image with dark figures in it, and I thought, “well, I might as well see what this is about while I wait.” And there it was, a brief profile feature accompanied by a series of vibrantly saturated colour visuals with characters both posed and naturally captured in their element.  

In times of noise pollution, discovering creatives such as Boateng, who opt to weaponise their art with their phone instead of a traditional camera, allows us to disappear into other worlds where the perspective tells the other version of the story, showing us the other side of the coin. Polarised through composition and colour treatment, Derrick’s images project a novel take on Ghana, filled with optimism, laughter, life, happiness and normality – like you would find in any other country. 

Which artist(s) are currently getting your spirits and inspirations up with during this #lockdown? Tag us using hashtags #ARTinFACT & #SundayFeast.


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